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Centerbrook, CT Limo Service

There are few things as safe, comforting and luxurious as riding in a limousine. The luxury vehicle has been rightly romanticized by many. Limousines have become synonymous with weddings and receptions. They are the first preference of innumerable couples when they have to plan a romantic dinner, especially if it is an anniversary. Teens love limousines for their proms and homecomings. Young adults prefer limousines for their road trips, especially when touring the countryside. Sightseeing is exponentially better with a limo service in Centerbrook, CT.

Gateway Limousine Inc. is one of the leading limousine operators in the state. Known for an immaculate record regarding punctuality and reliability, we are also a reasonable limo service in Centerbrook. One common reason for many people to eventually choose ordinary car rental over a limousine is the cost. While weddings and other special occasions have a more generous budget, more everyday scenarios do not really qualify for a special ride due to the pricey fares. We have changed that reality. Our Centerbrook limo service is affordable for a simple reason. We want more people to experience a pleasurable journey, even when it is not a wedding or another grand event.

We at Gateway Limousine operate a fascinating fleet of limousines. You can choose a sedan if you are traveling only with your beloved or two other people. You can choose our limo vans if you have a small group. Stretch limos are easily among the more stylish options for small groups. Limo buses and coaches are suitable for large groups. You can check out the capacity of each of our limousines and decide accordingly. You must also check the storage space available for luggage. All limousines in our fleet have preinstalled amenities. You can compare such features too, so you are totally convinced by your choice.

Gateway Limousine simplifies the whole process of comparing and choosing limo service in Centerbrook. We do not hold back any information. If you have any specific query, then our customer service team is just one phone call away. You may also write to us. The reservation process is as simple as it can be, even if you are looking for personalized limo service in Centerbrook. We have a penchant for customization and can deliver the amenities you want. If you want a joyous experience without spending an exorbitant sum of money, then you must choose our Centerbrook limo service.