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Canaan, CT Limo Service

You must always choose a limousine company if you need a reliable Canaan limo service. There is a huge difference between a car rental company and a limousine operator. The first major difference is the fleet. There are car rental companies in the state of Connecticut that have huge fleets. But such fleets usually do not include limousines. Even if some car rentals do operate limousines, they will be few and far between. You need a limousine operator that has nearly a dozen different kinds of limos, so you are not compelled to choose a model you do not like or want.

The second major difference between car rental companies and a limousine operator is the quality of service. When you choose our Canaan limo service, you want a certain standard of hospitality. The trip is not just about getting somewhere. The journey has to be worthwhile. Limousines can assure you the luxury and comfort but not the convenience or the sense of feeling special throughout the journey. The stylish grandeur and state of the art amenities aside, you need chauffeurs who will assist you with your luggage, ensure discreetness but also provide other essential services, including relevant information.

Any Canaan car service has to be much more than just renting a car and going somewhere. Gateway Limousine Inc. has been providing exquisite limo service in Canaan and across Connecticut. You can rely on our expertise and experience. We have a sizeable fleet with various models, so you are free to choose one that meets your expectations and suits the purpose. Our chauffeurs are experts in defensive driving. You are in safe hands when you choose our limo service in Canaan. Our forte includes all kinds of personal and commercial events. Whether it is a wedding or reception, anniversary or bachelor and bachelorette party, a night out of town or a weekend getaway, our expertise shall make your trip truly memorable.

Gateway Limousine Inc. is an affordable limo service in Canaan. We do not inflate tariffs to increase our profits. Instead, we want our clients to reconsider our services time and again. Most of our clients prefer to ride in our limos than any other car, even for regular trips to and from the airport. If you want a special experience on any given day or for a specific event, then choose our Canaan limo service and have an amazing time.