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Top 4 Books Every Business Traveler Should Read

As human beings, we are all wired for habit, and the habits we form shape the lives we live. Our Connecticut Limo Service wants to encourage you to kick off this year by forming good habits that will create the basis for how your year ultimately turns out. If you can’t think of a good habit to pick up, we recommend reading. We understand that finding time to really get some reading done can be tricky with our busy schedules, but if you are a frequent business traveler, we have some news for your – this is the perfect time to catch up on some reading and gather valuable information.

The best time to get some reading done is during ground transportation; flights can be quite short and, even when they aren’t, you are probably exhausted and asleep through most of the flight. Employ the service of a reliable ground transportation service such as our Connecticut airport shuttle service for all your transportation needs. Unlike conventional ground transportation services, a concierge car service will provide you with the comfort, amenities, and privacy perfect to catch up on your reading as you enjoy a smooth, hassle-free ride to any destination of your choice. The following are a few books you should definitely pick up during your 2019 business travels.

The Power of Habit

This compelling read by Charles Duhigg seeks to find out why we create the habits we do and how we can replace bad habits with new, better habits, both in business and in our personal lives. The book achieves this by combining inspiring stories from organizations/individuals with credible scientific research. This amazing book offers you powerful insight that, when followed, has the ability to transform you and your business this year.

From Silk to Silicon

As stated in the title of this book, this book tells the story of globalization through the lives of ten extraordinary individuals. However, the author, Jeffrey E. Garten, a lecturer at Yale University presents more than historical accounts through the stories of individuals such as Margaret Thatcher, Genghis Khan, and Andrew Grove. Rather, he highlights the development of globalization over centuries and gives examples of how great leaders sparked it as well as how their approaches can be used in business strategy today.

The Innovator’s Dilemma

As suggested in the title, this amazing read by Clayton M. Christensen aims to change how we perceive and do business. This book has been recommended by business leaders across the world, including Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Malcolm Gladwell. Clayton M. Christensen is a professor at the Harvard Business School and in this book she delivers actionable lessons for entrepreneurs and innovators.


This book by Adam Grant highlights the importance of individualism and how non-conformists have shaped the world. Adam Grant uses examples of successful people across the world including athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, people in entertainment etc. to show how individuals can shape the world through originality.