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Tips for a Safe & Fun Prom Night

Tips for a Safe & Fun Prom Night

Prom Night is a rite of passage, and for many, the most amazing experience a teenager will have during their high school days. Unfortunately, this night can also become a nightmare for many families. The list below are part of why we recommend hiring a limo for your Prom Night:

Did you know…

If you’re a parent reading this, we expect you’re about ready to lock your teen in their room until it’s time to leave for college. Hold on and hear-us-out. When it comes to safety, Gateway Limousine event/prom transportation has you covered. We have decided to share some of the safety tips that both the grownups and the kids should observe during this milestone event.

For Teens

Driving on Prom Night

You may be old enough to drive and you possibly even have your driver’s license, and that’s a good thing. We understand the temptation of wanting to be in a vehicle at night with all your closest mates. However, with all the excitement of this night, that might not be the best approach when it comes to transportation.

To ensure your safety, and that of your friends, leave the car behind and chip in to hire a limousine. If you think about it, this is a more fitting means of transportation for an elegant occasion such as prom. Let the professionally trained chauffeurs handle all the driving and navigation, and you can enjoy the luxury and amenities of our deluxe vehicles, and most importantly, the undivided attention/company of your friends.

Stay in Touch During Prom Night

Maintain contact with your parents or guardians during and after prom. We know, you want your freedom on this night, and we’re not telling you to step out and make a phone call every ten minutes; a simple text message updating them about what’s going on and where you are every couple hours will guarantee that they can be assured of your safe travel easily track you and be ready to get you out of any potentially dangerous situation throughout the night. Keeping in touch with your folks puts their mind at ease, which in turn allows you the freedom to enjoy your night without having to receive a thousand phone calls. Create a check-in period with your parents/guardians. It’s a win-win situation.

For Parents

Address Peer Pressure

Teenagers have an innate need to want to impress their friends and to be accepted as a member of a ‘cool’ social pack, whatever that may be. Therefore, it is up to you to discuss, in detail, the science behind peer pressure. Encourage your teenager to rise above this unhealthy need by encouraging them to maintain their independence and to stick to responsible, like-minded friends.

How does Gateway Limousine keep my kids safe on Prom night?

Limos and proms go hand in hand, our goal is to make sure it’s memorable and safe for them. 

We have a very specific protocol when it comes to Prom transportation. 

1. We keep the divider lowered at all times, so the driver can keep an eye out, and make sure everyone is safe 

2. We don’t allow backpacks to be carried onto the vehicle. All backpacks are kept in the luggage compartment. 

3. We stick to a strict itinerary. Before the event parents and students sign off on all the stops. We don’t deviate from that unless we have parental consent. We know you worry about your kids, especially on prom night. 

Our goal is to get them to-and-from, safely. Gateway Limousines prides itself on providing the highest possible level of prom transportation service available. Our fleet consists of Lincoln MKS Luxury Sedans, 5 passenger S UV’s, 6 – passenger black stretch limousines, 8 – passenger white super stretch limo, 10 passenger vans, 14 passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus, 25 and 30 passenger limo buses, and 28 passenger mini coaches, and 55 passenger motor coaches. 

Your experience with Gateway Limousine will begin by working with our reservation staff to design a trip to fit your needs. Our attention to detail will ensure that all aspects of your journey are considered in planning your transportation itinerary. 

Gateway Limousines is fully insured and 100% licensed to offer transport to groups. We have both the resources and assets to ferry large packs of travelers within Connecticut and beyond. Gateway Limousine Inc. is a Connecticut Limousine Service located in Waterbury, CT