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The Wonderful Advantages of Red Eye Flights

Some people swear by red eye flights while others look on in disdain at anyone who thinks that flying overnight is possibly a good idea. Well, there are benefits to flying at any time of the day, and it ultimately depends on your preferences and traveling options at the time. Red eye flights usually take off after 9 p.m. and land around 5 to 6 a.m. You might not be aware of it, but there are actually many advantages of overnight flights:

Faster Check-in Time

Price slashing is one thing, but time is also money. Waiting in line to check-in simply isn’t fun, so why put yourself through all the hassle? There are usually fewer flights and passengers during the night, so it’s a great opportunity to just get comfortable and not feel rushed from starting till the end.

Opportunity for Extra Seats to Sleep On

For those who have experienced sleeping while sitting in a plane, you’ll probably realize by now that you could definitely use a little more manoeuvring space. It’s quite a lot harder to find vacant seats during mid-day flights, but you’ll probably be able to snag yourself an extra seat or two to lie down on for overnight flights.

Save on Hotel Accommodations

Of course, sleeping in an actual bed in your hotel is one thing, but if you take an overnight flight, you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone by paying for both your flight and your bed (a.k.a. a chair). Just pop on an eye mask, add some ear plugs and wrap yourself in something comfy and you’ll be more than good to go.

Spacious Airport Waiting Rooms

Airports are usually packed or reasonably occupied during the daytime, which means that seat availability hinges on the number of passengers at any one time. However, overnight flights have an extra benefit, and that’s fewer passengers. With fewer people around, the noise level will also automatically drop, and you’ll finally have a place to sit down and wait.

You Can Actually Sleep

You won’t be the only one who wants to sleep, so you can definitely rest assured that you’ll be able to get in way more shut eye than if you had chosen a daytime flight. Also, since you’re going to be sleeping for quite a number of hours, wouldn’t it be better for you to consider wearing something closer to pajamas when you board the plane?

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

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