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The Best Apps for the Frequent Road Warrior

Advancements in technology have really had an effect on the way people travel. The days when we had to consult guidebooks to discover the best tours, the best places to stay, and dine, are far behind us now. These processes, and more, have been made much simpler with the persistent development of mobile apps and platforms. With just a few touches of the phone, travelers can easily book the cheapest flights, find accommodation, get directions to local eateries, and generally have a hassle-free experience during their travels. You may be wondering what these mysterious apps are, but our Connecticut limo service, having been in the travel business for years now, knows just what apps come in handy for a frequent traveler like yourself.

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Most travelers these days seem to prefer staying in hostels and boarding houses over hotel rooms because they are a cheaper alternative, and often offer a more homely feel. AirBnB is, therefore, an online market that allows you to find, lease, and rent short-term vacation rentals, homestays, apartments, hostels, and even hotel rooms anywhere in the world. AirBnB also gives you the opportunity to find unique stays that you otherwise may have never stumbled upon. For example, how awesome would it be to rent out a tree house for a couple of days? You probably haven’t been in one of those since you were a kid, right? Download the app and choose from millions of unique accommodations.


This free app gives you a sneak peek into what other travelers think of the places you plan to visit. We all know how precious every minute is when you are on the road, especially when you are on a short vacation. So, as opposed to gambling with your limited time, look up that museum, restaurant, beach, park, and find out what your predecessors say about the place before heading over there. The most accurate reviews are from previous users and exploring the insights provided by TripAdvisor will help you make better informed decisions while you are on the road.


It doesn’t matter where you are going or what your reason for traveling is, one thing is for sure, you will need to eat and recharge at one point or another. Zomato gives you insights on the best eateries in the city/town and what each of them has to offer. The app also offers you reviews from previous guests at each eatery to give you a more realistic image of what to expect at each venue before making your decision.