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Give a Warm Welcome to Your Out of Town Guests with These Useful Tips

Are there wedding bells in the near future? Well, if you’re in the process of planning for yours, you’ll probably already know that your guest list is one of your top priorities. Some might be booking flights and traveling long distances to attend your happy occasion, so you’ll want to help them out and entertain them when they arrive. We’ve got some tips to help you out with this, so just take a look at what we’ve provided below:

Use Save-The-Dates Earlier On

For guests staying in the same area or within reasonable driving distance, they’ll require less traveling time. However, out of town guests require more advance notice, hence the beauty of having a save-the-date. This gives them more time to plan (and even take time off), so they won’t be stuck in a last-minute rush to book flight tickets, accommodations, and so on.

Assist with Accommodation and Travel Plans

Although it isn’t your responsibility to pay for their transportation and accommodations, the very least you can do is to assist them with getting the best deals. Check around your area in advance and give a call to different accommodations to see if they accept larger group bookings. Once you have all the info you need on hand, you can definitely inform your guests earlier on to allow them to choose based on their budget and preferences.

Surprise them with Welcome Bags

Walking into a place and seeing a little welcome gift is enough to make anyone happy. The main thing to focus on here is to ensure that your out of town guests feel appreciated. Of course, it’s really the thought that counts (and of course, the resources you have on hand). If you want to pamper them with something homemade, go ahead. Otherwise, there’s plenty more you can give to add a little more joy and comfort in their lives.

Thank them During the Reception

Nobody wants to attend a wedding only to be totally overlooked by the happy couple. With that in mind, do take the time and effort to greet each and every one of your guests personally. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s one of the best ways to show your sincerity and gratitude to those who traveled from all over to be a part of your momentous occasion.

Organize and Arrange Their Transportation

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