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Experience the Perfect Summer Getaway at Any of These Places

Going on a getaway shouldn’t be stressful. In fact, the main point of getting away is to relax and unwind, and if that’s your goal this summer, you’ll best get cracking. Any good vacation comes with sufficient planning, so you’ll want to note down what you’ll prefer to do on your trip. We’ve got our own list of summer getaway recommendations for you right down below, so just take a look and be inspired today:


If you thought Dubai was just a city of sand, you are wrong. Over the years, it has amassed worldwide recognition as a luxurious holiday destination, and if you’re not convinced, you might just want to check yourself into their 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. For those traveling to this UAE city from 22 June to 4 August, you’ll get to enjoy their annual Dubai Summer Surprises festival that’s loaded with tons of discounts and entertainment. There’s also plenty of affordable food options and air-conditioned shopping malls just waiting for you to explore.


Looking for somewhere a little cooler to spend the summer? Well, if you are, why not consider this European city? With summer temperatures averaging 72° F most days, you’ll be able to explore most of the city without breaking a sweat. Here, you’ll be able to spend hours admiring the art displayed at the Van Gogh Museum, cycle your way over its many canal bridges, and just relax and enjoy perfect summer weather.


From the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza to the wonderful modern vibes of Mexico City, there’s plenty to love about this North American country. In fact, did you know that CDMX is home to more museums than any other city in the world? Well, whichever way your preference swings, there’s definitely plenty to see and do here, be it enjoying delicious food to basking under the sun on any of their pristine beaches.

Bora Bora

This beautiful island paradise is the stuff of dreams (well, good ones at least), and it’s within your reach this summer. Its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters eagerly beckon you to just relax and enjoy your time day to day, so why not pay Bora Bora a visit? There are many water bungalows for rent while you’re here, and you can also enjoy their beautiful coral reefs by going scuba diving or snorkeling.


There’s something truly mesmerizing and exotic about Morocco, and even if it is going to be summer till August, you might just want to pop on over during your summer break. From learning to roll couscous to spending a night out in Sahara, there are lots to experience and enjoy in this northernmost African country that will surely leave you wanting for more. If you’ve always been curious as to how it’ll feel to ride a camel, you can make that come true here as well.


Fancy exploring the mysterious and diverse wildlife in the Sumatran jungles? Or how about witnessing the sunrise over Mount Bromo? Whichever way your preferences and interests take you, there’s definitely lots to see and experience in this enchanting Southeast Asian country. In fact, the dry season is a great time for outdoor activities and sightseeing, so do come on over before the end of October. Another great must-see attraction is Bali with its friendly locals and great scenery, so come on over this summer.


Nothing shouts extravagant lifestyle louder than the independent city-state of Monaco on the Mediterranean coastline of France. If you’ve already had your fill of Paris, why not pop on over for a short visit? Spanning less than a mile, what this small country lacks in size it entirely makes up for with upscale casinos, plenty of luxury resorts and hotels, and tons of French gourmet foods.


This Peruvian capital isn’t one to shy away from experimentation, and that can obviously be seen from its many Michelin stars all over the city. If your tummy is usually the one calling the shots on vacation, you’ll best head on over here. Once you’ve filled yourself up on the best treats available, you can then head on over to the Larco Museum to enjoy the world’s largest collection of Ancient Peru artifacts.


Iceland is a little warmer than Greenland, even though its name seems to suggest otherwise. The capital, Reykjavik, is a great stop for foodies, and if fresh fish and lamb rank high on your meat list, you’ll definitely want to drop by to sample Nordic cuisine at its finest. The scenery here is absolutely gorgeous, and since it’ll be summer till October, you can expect to see lots of lush greenery springing up from every corner.


If you’ve been craving for the perfect island vacation, think no more. After all, you don’t even need a passport to enjoy your time here. Although part of the U.S., this island maintains its own distinct personality, and it’s one you can slide into almost instantly. Locals spend most their time outdoors (because it’s almost a crime otherwise), and if that’s something that resonates with you, you know what to do.
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