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Advice and Tips for a Perfect Ride on Your Wedding Day

Every newlywed knows how hard it can be to book a great limousine service and do it within your budget. The small decisions count. They all combine to help you create your special wedding. There are many ways to make this experience as perfect as it can be and choosing the right vehicles and limo service plays a big part. Here are a few suggestions to add a bit of ease to your day and help remove some of the usual doubts couples have surrounding a limousine service.

Start to look for a limousine company as soon as you have a confirmed date

Don’t delay this. You’ll want to look at as many options as you want and not rush the process. Starting early will allow you to methodically choose a limo company, the right vehicles, and the right package that will meet all your needs.

Be very clear about your budget

You need to take a realistic look at what your budget is for limo service. When you know your budget, the limo company will easily be able to provide you with all your options. And you don’t want to get your heart set on a particular limo service only to realize that it doesn’t fit your budget.

Ask a lot of questions and don’t assume anything

Ask any limo company you talk to what they recommend for vehicles, the supplies you’ll need or want, and anything else the fleet comes equipped with. Ask them about the differences in the types of vehicles they own. Make sure you fully understand your potential financial obligations and make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting as far as vehicles and service.

Make sure the limo company helps you set a realistic timeline for your day

A good limo company will chart out the routes needed for your day to make sure your expectations are met.  Some limo companies will quote less time at lower price to get the job. Then on your wedding day will either surprise you with and extra charge for added time or leave your event before it’s done because they have another commitment to get to.  Make sure your limo company helps your set a realistic time schedule, and puts a time buffer in between jobs, just in case things don’t go precisely on schedule.

Make sure you are very clear with your instructions with the limo company

You need to make sure that you and the limo company have gone through all of the instructions, ie, pick up times, locations, hours, amenities, driver details, etc. A good company will help you a lot with this. And make sure that you let the limo company know of any changes to your plans and needs asap.

Get referrals, read reviews, read testimonials

Before you make a choice on a limo company, make sure you search them online. Read the testimonials people have written on their website. But more importantly, read online reviews about them. People are candid in reviews and you’ll get a more accurate picture of the company. Referrals are also a great source to find the right company.

If you keep these points in mind, you’ll set yourself up for a very successful wedding day.