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5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Couples who are getting married are frequently making choices that reflect their values. To celebrate their big day, many couples are choosing eco-friendly wedding options. What is Eco-friendly wedding? It is the kind of event that minimizes waste. Customize your wedding to reflect your unique taste. Here are some of our eco-friendly wedding ideas.

  1. Recycled Paper for the Invitations. For any eco-friendly wedding, recycled paper invites is a must have and it sets the tone for the big day. Include your email address on the invite so your guests can RSVP online.
  2. Repurpose Ceremony Flowers in the Reception. Why not re-use the ceremony flowers at your reception site? With some proper planning and creativity, you can repurpose the wedding flowers and make it easier on your budget as well.
  3. Avoid Food Waste. Make sure your guest RSVP, to get the most accurate headcount to your caterers so that your caterers can provide the right amount of food. As a result, there is no excess of leftovers. Some eco-conscious couples opt for farm-to-table catering options from locally-sourced, fresh and seasonal produce, and artisanal ingredients.
  4. Use of Natural Materials. Chalkboard, wood, glass, or mirror signage is some of the options that are frequently used at “green weddings.” Printed menus and programs, although familiar, sometimes are not environmentally friendly and create waste afterward.
  5. Decorate with Potted Plants. Another trend for eco enthusiasts is the use of potted plants in the wedding instead of cut flowers. Flowers no matter bright and beautiful will wither away, and create waste. Potted plants offer a more sustainable option. They are great to help you reduce the waste after your wedding.