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5 Ways of Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary

Every anniversary is a reminder of the good times that you have had together. It is also a time to rekindle the passion and affection that you have for each other. You will never fall short of ideas about a perfect wedding anniversary. However, time constraints, costs, and other inconveniences always get in the way of a good plan. However, we are a Connecticut limo service, and we know we can help. Check out these five ideas that we believe will be great at any time.

Recreate the Wedding Evening

There are a lot of good times and memories that come with the first day of your wedding. The dinner, the friends that attended the after party, and the magical night of love and exploration bring sweet memories. You can recreate a magical moment of choice. You can redo the vows if you like. It is a great way to keep the commitment alive.

A Special Dinner with Your Loved One

Dinner is always special when it is done right. If you are still busy on the very day, you can contact our limo service for professional chauffeur service. We can pick you and your loved ones, and take you wherever you want. You can book a special anniversary dinner. Most decent restaurants will have specials for the couple-of-the-day. Take time to sample some of your early-dates treats. They refresh the memories of how your affection for each other grew.

A Camping Date or Picnic

If the children have come between you two — literally — a night out together can bring the magic back. You can explore each other without worrying about the kids. It is your night. You can watch the stars together, go fishing, race, or play games together.

A Tour to Your Favorite Destination

We all have favorite places we want to visit. It does not have to be overseas. It can be a part of town that you love or popular attraction. Again, a Connecticut car service will come in handy. You can be chauffeured to whatever destination you want. Whether it is a tour to an art gallery, a visit a caricaturist or even the museum, we will take you there.

A Movie or Live Performance Date Together

It never gets old to go to the big screen or an electric live show. The feeling gets better with a wedding anniversary. Choose a great movie together, perhaps one that you have already watched. You don’t want disappointments on your big day by choosing a new film. If it must be new, get trusted recommendations.


This is your big day; light it up with the things that help you commemorate the love that you share. It is a good time to remember the things that bring you together. A good time out will always work.

Book our services today for safe, comfortable, and luxurious limo services. We pride in the best chauffeuring experience in the industry. Trust us on your wedding anniversary, and we will make it memorable for you and your spouse.