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5 Essential Tips When Hiring an Airport Limo for business travel.

Hiring reliable Airport transportation can be quite challenging, especially when it has to do with business travel. Getting to the airport on time can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful trip; and we all know that an unsuccessful trip could be very costly!

Consider all Available Options

There are numerous companies nowadays providing Black Car Service to the airport. Take the time to investigate them all and find out what services and arrangements each of these companies offer to make an informed decision. Consider vehicle space, internet access, price, reliability, and reputation. Also, find out if the company belongs to any professional associations such as chambers of commerce, or trade associations. These associations most frequently vet potential members to ensure the integrity of their membership. Your business peers are a great resource, as they most likely have used car services and can share their experiences.

Once you have all the facts, you will be able to identify the company that is best suited for your unique needs.

Schedule Early Pickups

Most airport transportation services understand how important it is to get you to the airport on time. However, it does not hurt to be more cautious and schedule an early pick-up in order to account for factors such as traffic and stops. This is especially necessary if your flight is scheduled for morning hours when most people are on the move.

Meet your Chauffeur at Baggage Claim

During the pandemic many airports restricted entry to the terminals. Need is the mother of invention and thus curbside pickup became a prevalent way to meet your chauffeur. This turned out to be a more efficient way to meet your chauffeur as it eliminated the need to wait while the vehicle was retrieved from the parking lot which can sometimes have long lines at the exit booth. With this option you can be picked up from the island outside of the terminal and exit the airport much faster. Of course, there are times when you will need assistance in the terminal and any professional car service should offer both options.

Consider Safety Measures

Remember that safety means more than having faith in the person behind the wheel. What about the transportation service itself? How long has it been in operation? What is their safety track record? Do they have liability insurance? And if so, are you, the client, covered in it? You can and should ask to have your company listed on a certificate of insurance as any professional car service can easily have this extra layer of protection added for you. These are all safety concerns you should consider before settling on any airport transportation service.

Check their Reviews and References

As much as you interact with company representatives as they share with you all the information you require, do not make the mistake of simply taking them at their word. Find out what previous clients have said about them; log onto their website and read through their reviews, this is one of the most accurate ways to find out what the company is really like and what kind of experience the people who came before you had. You could also visit websites such as Google, to find out if the reviews on the company website are in line with those of such independent websites. Also, consider how the company responds to bad reviews; are they rude? Do they even respond? Remember, one mistake does not disqualify a company if they demonstrate the willingness and initiative to make amends and better their services.

At Gateway Limousine we take your business travel very seriously:

Efficiency, Comfort, and on-time is important.

  • We always ask if there are any additional stops before arriving at the airport.
  • Before we leave for the airport, we make sure to ask the customer if they have everything.
  • We research the flight ahead of time and supply up to date terminal/flight info.
  • We will go back to pick up things that have been forgotten.
  • Go through a checklist with the customer to make sure they are ready!
  • When taking a customer to a hotel, the driver will call ahead to alert the front desk of their arrival, so they are ready for them.
  • Our reservation system sends care alerts so you will know when your chauffeur is enroute, has arrived at the pickup location, and has dropped off the passenger. These are helpful for both the administrative assistants who are responsible for making these arrangements and the passengers themselves.

Our drivers are all thoroughly vetted and screened. This starts with the Connecticut DMV requiring all drivers to complete FBI fingerprints, background checks, and complete a Biannual D.O.T. Physical.

At Gateway Limousine, we take it a step further. We conduct our own criminal background check and semi-annual violation check. These checks are not legally required, but we want to ensure that we are always using the best of the best to service our clients.

Gateway Limousines prides itself on providing the highest possible level of transportation service available. Our fleet consists of Limousines, Luxury Sedans, S UV’s, Vans, Buses, and motor coaches.

Your experience with Gateway Limousine will begin by working with our reservation staff to design a trip to fit your needs. Our attention to detail will ensure that all aspects of your journey are considered in planning your transportation itinerary.

Gateway Limousines is fully insured and 100% licensed to offer transport to groups. We have both the resources and assets to ferry large packs of travelers within Connecticut and beyond.