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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on the Plane

Flying is supposed to be exciting, but if you are regularly flying for business, the experience can quickly become undesirable; no one understands this better than our Connecticut airport shuttle service. Between super-early mornings, the planning, the hectic journey to the airport, making your way through the terminal, and sitting in a plane for hours on end, the experience can be grueling to say the least. Nonetheless, we also understand that you can turn your experiences around; you can choose to look at your air travel experiences as an opportunity for productivity rather than a dreadful process. We have therefore come up with a list of measures you can take to increase your productivity on flights and make the endeavors much more worthwhile.

Before we proceed, we would like to recommend our Connecticut car service for all your ground transportation needs to and from the airport. Our comfortable and luxurious vehicles will provide you with further opportunity to remain productive on transit; check your emails, make important phone calls, or prepare for your impending meeting as you enjoy a safe and smooth ride to the airport.

Get Organized

You know all that mail that has been seating in your inbox for weeks waiting to be organized? This is the perfect time to get it done. Or that report you were meant to complete by the end of the month? Use this time out of the way. There are so many impending tasks we postpone, either because they aren’t urgent or because we just never seem to have the time for them in our day-to-day routines, but your time on a flight is the perfect time to get these tasks out of the way. Practice this and you will realize that your to-do-list is always much shorter every time you get back from your trip.

List down your Goals

Being confined in one space without much to do is the perfect time for introspection. Use this time to get some clarity and get clear on things like your goals. Start out by listing your short-term goals and gradually advance to your long-term goals, which will clearly map out your business’s path. Simply jotting these goals down can be satisfactory, but it is much more satisfying to check them off as you go, watching yourself get closer and closer to your ultimate goal. So use your time in the air to chart your business’s map and you will arrive with a lot more clarity than when you boarded.

Learn about your Industry

One of the things that distinguishes exceptionally successful entrepreneurs from the rest is the unrelenting culture of learning that they have cultivated. It’s easy to say that we just don’t have the time to catch up on reading on top of all the work that goes into building a business, but what excuse is there when you are in the air? None. Flying is the perfect time to catch up on those kindle books you have bookmarked, to read that monthly industry magazine that has been gathering dust on your desk for the past two weeks, to listen to an informative industry podcast, etc. You will undoubtedly end up gaining some insight into the business than you had when you first boarded your plane, and this increases your chances for success.